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Małe coś nakręcone jesienią na Hańczy. Na Święta! W wodzie byłem sam z rybami i okolicznym zielskiem.


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  2. We have a lot of military here too, so that’s probably a part of why they advertise so heavily in my area. I always find running the numbers very interesting.And if people try saving up as I described and then keep saving up $39 a week, just think what they could do for their finances in many cases!

  3. Thanks Dan for the kind comments and yes, it’s another way to think about conflict. It’s taken me so long to figure this stuff out for myself, but it the end, it’s been worth it. I appreciate it when someone says, “I hadn’t really thought about it like that” and tells me so!

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  5. Debbie Hi William, do you mean on photographs on another page, or yours? If someone else’s page, then they have probably set their permissions so that no-one can comment (can’t quite see the point though) especially if they’re trying to attract controversy!

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