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Trening jaskiniowy na Zakrzówku, czyli jak nie nurkować w jaskini!

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Film z warsztatów nurkowania jaskiniowego z XDivers Team na Zakrzówku, czyli jak nie nurkować w jaskini 🙂
Ale dla ciekawskich, mozna zobaczyc co się ćwiczy i jakie umiejętności są istotne.

Na filmie widać Marcina (ten w hełmie :)) Rybę (nurek Dui) i Grzesia (OMS). Poręczują udawane ciągi główne i boczne, deporęczują i wracają po poręczówce w ?czarnych maskach?. A raczej próbują wracać.
Rysio po raz pierwszy kameruje moją kamerką i mu się podoba, a wynik całkiem całkiem, nie lichy 🙂

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  1. I love this. You made me smile, because yes ineedd we do all run around with little secrets and thoughts in our head don’t we? I like the idea of writing just for me. I’ve been a bit introspective about today being May 1st another beginning. A fresh sparkly month that will (HOPEFULLY!) usher in the beginning of a warm season for us. I’m wondering how I can make something of this new beginning, and maybe writing some words just for me is a nice way of starting.Your thoughts about appreciating a new day made me think of a prayer in Hebrew that goes Thank you God for granting me the gift of another day. Last fall I was working REALLY hard on gratitude teaching it to the boys, embodying it myself and this prayer was something I got really good at whispering to myself every morning. It reminded me that every day is an opportunity to start anew. That every day is a gift and that I get to choose how I will receive that gift each day. Your post made me realize that I’ve been remiss in saying my morning prayer. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Always loved this kid and never failed to see him come into a game and change the pace and direction of the game. When the Sounders lost to Dallas in the Cup a couple of years ago, he was one of the standouts for their team. Glad to see him move on from a poor situation….. but wish Seattle could have taken him in the expansion draft!

  3. lucky, i got some legendary builds ive built past years, you think i can like save it as a file and transfer buildings for us to use in BA? i have uber modern theater and museum and alot of cool stuff ive built.

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